Nellie 1.4 is Finally Out with Awesome Features, Functionalities and Style

Nov 10, 2016 | Product Release | 0 Responses

We are glad to announce that Nellie 1.4, the more advanced and more stylish e-commerce theme bundled with more features, is finally out. But before we proceed to go into details of this version release, we would sincerely like to seek your apology for the much delayed release of this theme. It took much longer than we expected. But we are happy that we’ve been able to roll this out eventually.

All Nellie owners who have this theme activated in their sites will see a notification of this update in their dashboard shortly. We’re once again sorry for this delay.

Nellie 1.4 brings in more style and features with it. Let’s have a look at them in a nutshell. The detailed information will be found in the documentation.

Additional Page Layouts

Nellie 1.3 had only one homepage layout. In this version, we tried our best to design a few layouts for homepages and contact pages. You can use any of them or create your own. We hope you like a few of them. Have a look at a few.

Nellie Custom Header

Nellie 1.4 has an option to build the header section using Divi modules just like you usually build a page. Yes! You can create the entire header using any of the Divi modules. The interface remains the same. So, it’s easy and intuitive for you to design your header.

This is an optional action which remains activated by default. If you do not wish to use this header format, you can switch to Nellie Default Header (view our Demo 2) at will. Modifications made in either of the headers during the development process do not change even if you shuffle between the headers.

Addition: Nellie has also a Custom Menu Module which you can use to display your navigation menu. It has customized the Divi Fullwidth menu module to fit into the normal section.

Mobile Menu

Nellie 1.4 introduces a new menu exclusively for the mobile devices. In Nellie 1.3, the menu had issues especially for longer ones. Now we have a sleek slide-out menu for small screens. Here are the features.

  • Exclusive logo for the mobile menu;
  • Social icons on the menu;
  • Font Awesome Icons for the menu items;
  • Expand/Collapse child menu items;
  • Search box in the menu;
  • Ability to change the search box or the social icons placement.

When the theme is activated, you will find a new menu location – Mobile Menu. Nellie also imports a sample nav-menu for mobiles. You can use this menu or create your own. All you need to do is to assign that menu for the mobile menu location.

Note: When you view or inspect elements on Nellie theme for mobile devices, you need to use Chrome Browser Mobile Inspect Element Tool since the mobile menu works on real devices’ browser user agents and is not based on screen width.


Popular e-commerce websites like,, allow visitors to shortlist products on their store. It helps them compare the products later and make the final purchase. Nellie brings in this feature in the 1.4 version. You can browse products in the store, put some of your selected ones in your wishlist, re-look at them in one place and proceed with the orders accordingly.

The action is optional and it can be added on the product loop and/or in the single product pages. The Wishlist compare page is a CPT which you can also further customize.

Custom User Login Feature

If you use Nellie Custom Header, you will also need to use the Nellie Custom Users Login Feature. Please refer to our demo site and have a look at this (Use demo for both username and password). Nellie uses a shortcode to put the login/register form which you can customize further. The logged in users get basic information (their active cart, recent orders, and so) about their account in the same location.

AC ShortCodes

Nellie includes the features of AC ShortCodes in its core. You can convert any Divi module into a shortcode and use this inside any other Divi module editor. The mid section of Homepage Two Layout (just below the Exclusive Women Clothing heading) uses the AC ShortCodes features inside a Divi Tabs Module.

Note: The AC ShortCodes do not work in the Quick View Mode in this version. We will work on this in its next version update.

Color Styling (Customization)

In this version, admins can also color certain elements that Nellie adds to the theme like body link color, color of the product titles and price, mobile menu color and so. We will add more control in this section in the next version. You’re also welcome to suggest any addition in this section.

Nellie 1.4 also comes in with a Code Editor for adding Custom CSS. Unlike the Divi Custom CSS box in the epanel, you will see syntax highlighting when you add your CSS rules in this box. Moreover, the CSS will also be rendered in the minified state.

Three New Modules

Nellie 1.4 adds three custom modules to the already-rich Divi Modules array – Menu Module, Product Carousal Module and Filterable Product Portfolio module. Nellie customizes the Divi Fullwidth Module to make it fit in a normal section. The features here remain the same.

For the Product Carousal and Filterable Product Portfolio modules, Nellie customizes the Fullwidth Portfolio module and Filterable Portfolio module respectively replacing projects/posts with WC product categories. There are certain additions to the features like – ability to display cart buttons or so. They are in beta and we will enhance them further.

Other Additions to Nellie 1.4

  • Divi 3.0 Compatible: Nellie 1.3 was not compatible with Divi 3.0 and we got lots of support tickets for this. Nellie 1.4 will be compatible with Divi 3.0. Even certain exclusive features of Nellie 1.4, like Custom Header, can also be designed in Divi 3.0 Visual Builder.
  • Admin Menus: Nellie has so many Settings Tabs namely WooCommerce, Footer Builder and so. To get to their screens, you will need at least two clicks. Nellie makes this easy for admins. You can get any of the tabs as sub-admin menus under the Nellie parent admin menu. [General>Admin Menus]
  • Make Divi Page Builder the Default Post Editor: Some people prefer to use Divi Page Builder on all posts, pages and projects. Simplifying the process for admins, you can easily make the Divi Page Builder default post editor across all pages, projects, posts, Nellie CPTs and products. [General>General]
  • Product Columns in the Shop Page: You can now choose how many columns the shop archive page will use to display your products. The default is 4 (four). You can make this three or five. [WooCommerce>Shop]
  • Keep Users on Current Page after Login: When a customer logins in to your site, he/she is redirected to his/her My Account page after the successful login. Now you can keep the visitors stay on their currently viewed page after being logged into the site. [WooCommerce>Others]
  • Fetch Product Image: Nellie by default uses Divi Page Builder for the product description area. It means that no product image (featured image) displays, since the entire description area needs to be designed with Divi Page Builder Modules. After we got some requests from our lovely customers, we have have an option to call the featured image in the product page as well. Now you can use both the product featured image as well as the Divi Page Builder to further describe your content in the description area. [WooCommerce>Others]
  • First Two Settings Tabs Disappear: To minimize the clutter in Theme Options page, Nellie will remove the first two tabs Demo Import and Homepage & Menu Settings after their jobs are done. But Nellie also allows you to bring back those two missing tabs if you ever wish to. [Misc>Misc]
  • Unused Footer Widgets Areas are Gone: Since Nellie uses a custom footer, it no longer uses any of the Divi default footer functions. Make this less confused, Nellie removes those widget areas Footer #1, #2, #3, #4 from the Widgets screen, as they are not used in this theme.
  • Detailed Documentation: This time we have a much better documentation both in the online and offline mode. You can view the doc in our website or download its PDF version in your system. You will find both these options in the Misc Settings Tab.

We think we’ve covered most of the Nellie 1.4 features here. For detailed info, you can refer to our doc or check out our three Demo sites.

Nellie is a stylish and advanced e-commerce child theme for Divi. We hope this will cater to your requirements for a robust e-commerce website. In this version, we tried our best to incorporate all the user suggestions that they wanted in Nellie. We will keep doing this in its future versions as well. Feel free to let us know of what features or functionalities you think will be good with Nellie. We will try to follow you for sure.

That’s it for this rather-long blog post today. Do let us know your feedback in the comments or in our social media profiles.

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