The DE Footer Builder plugin is an easy tool to style and customize the site footer section. It uses the built-in Divi Page Builder from You can use the Page Builder to create a stunning and creative footer area.

How it works

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Installing the Plugin

  • Please upload the plugin zip file in your plugins directory and start the installation process.
  • Once the plugin is installed, you need to activate this.
  • You will notice a new admin menu ‘Footer Builder’ once the plugin is activated.
  • Click the Footer Builder admin menu.
  • On first install, you’d be required to generate the Footer section.
  • Click ‘Generate Footer Builder’ button.
  • Your footer section has been ready. Open the page and save changes.
  • Now you will notice a pre-made footer layout which you can customize to your will.

Styling the Footer Area

  • The plugin uses the built-in Divi Page Builder.
  • The plugin comes with a pre-designed layout.
  • You can use any Page Builder Module to your requirements.
  • Save changes once the styling is done.
  • Re-size your browser to check if the footer area looks good on all devices.



This version of the plugin (ver 1.0) comes with 9 shortcodes, out of which 5 are for dynamic time variables.


– Renders the current year –
– Renders the current month –
– Renders the current date –
– Renders the current day –
– Renders the current time –







Copyright © [[year]] Ayanize Co. All rights reserved. RENDERS Copyright © [year] Ayanize Co. All rights reserved.

The time will always auto update.




Outputs the name of your site with a link to the homepage.

There is one attribute available for this shortcoce – COLOR

[[site-name color="red"]]


[[site-name]] Ayanize


[[site-name color="red"]] [site-name color=”red”]


[[menu name="your_menu_name"]]

Outputs chosen nav menu.

There is one attribute available for this shortcoce – MENU NAME

[[menu name="main-menu"]]


[[menu name="Primary Menu"]]
[menu name=”Primary Menu”]


[[pp id="your-paypal-email-address"]Donate Us[/pp]]

Outputs a link to your PayPal payment page


[[pp id=""]]

[pp id=””]


[[pp id=""]Donate Us[/pp]]

[pp id=””]Donate Us[/pp]



Outputs a search box that searches the entire site index

This shortcode has two attributes – PLACEHOLDER and BUTTON NAME





[[search placeholder="Search my website" button="Go"]]

[search placeholder=”Search my website” button=”Go”]

These shortcodes can be used anywhere on the site as long as the plugin is active